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Slides from Agilia, Czech Republic: Four Agile Years at Allianz Germany


Back in March 2011, Christoph WeiƟ (agile coach at Allianz Germany) and I spoke at the Agilia conference in Brno, Czech Republic. Our well received presentation included the following topics:

  • How agile teams are kicked off and supported through training and coaching
  • The current state of agile at Allianz
  • Agile in the Enterprise - why professional change management is important
  • Key success factors, challenges and pitfalls

I coached and trained Scrum and agile during the first three of those four years and it was good to catch up with the latest news.

During the two days following the conference we taught a Certified ScrumMaster class in Brno. The class was a lot of fun and received great reviews from the participants.

Slides from the presentation are now available for download here.

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