Podcast from Retrospective Facilitators Gathering in Taos, New Mexico

Back in April I attended the wonderful Retrospective Facilitators Gathering in the equally wonderful Taos, New Mexico. During the final evening I recorded a podcast with many of the gathering's participants. The podcast took the form of an informal round table discussion and the topics included looking back at the gathering, externalizing thinking and group/collective learning.

Participants, in order of speaking:

John Martin, Esther Derby, Declan Whelan, George Dinwiddie, Oana Junco, Charlotte Malther, Simon Roberts, Diana Larsen, Josef Scherer, Grazyna Scherer, John McFadyen and Cyril Megard.

The podcast can be found here.

Scenes in the Life of a Scrum Team - from XP Days Germany 2010

During our session at XP Days Germany 2010 in Hamburg, Jens Korte and I discussed 4 scenes in the life of a Scrum team. In each case we examined a common problem, what led to it and how better collaboration between PO and team could have helped to avoid it.

Thanks to the many people who came to the session and for the feedback.

Making Scrum Stick: Sustainable Scrum Transitions

Simon Roberts - Making Scrum Stick: Sustainable Scrum Transitions from Krakow Tech Conferences on Vimeo.

You've started to rollout Scrum within your organization and the initial teams are working well. What are the next steps? How can you keep the change sustainable?

Agile Central Europe in Krakow - Sustainable Scrum Transitions

AgileCEThe slides for my talk at AgileCE on sustainable Scrum transitions - "Making Scrum Stick" are available here. Many thanks to the organisers for a fantastic conference and to many people for the great discussions in person and via twitter.

Vertiefen Sie Ihr Verständnis von Scrum: Certified Scrum Kurse mit anschließendem Open Space

Wir haben 2010 ein neues Konzept eingeführt: wir führen parallel am gleichen Ort Certified ScrumMaster und Certified Product Owner Kurse mit einem optionalen dritten Tag durch. Der zusätzliche Kurs ist optional, die Zertifizierung hängt nicht von der Teilnahme ab. Und der Open Space ist für die Kursteilnehmer kostenfrei! (andere zahlen einen Unkostenbeitrag für Raum und Catering). 

Das Konzept ist einfach:

Effective Chartering for Scrum Teams

lions.jpgThe presentation from my talk with Jens Korte on team chartering at the March 2010 Scrum Gathering in Orlando is now available online at http://prezi.com/gc0m9zvmjb0q/.

We enjoyed preparing and giving this talk very much. Thanks very much to the people who attended and for the interesting questions and discussion, all of which contributed to the talk's success.

It's the first time that I have made a presentation using Prezi (http://prezi.com). Prezi allows the presenter to zoom around a large canvas and get away from the intrinsically serial nature of traditional presentation tools. It suits my style and was well received by all that I showed the results to (I've heard of some feeling symptoms akin to motion sickness as a result of the zooming and rotation). I'll be continuing this experiment with my next presentation at Agile Central Europe in Krakow Poland on 8-9th April.

Many thanks also to those who mentioned our talk in their post-gathering round-ups. Here:


and here:


Certified ScrumMaster for Game Development


We are pleased to announce the first fruits of a collaboration between remote control productions GmbH, a Munich based game production house, and ScrumCenter, the leading Scrum training and coaching company. Over the past few months, RCP and ScrumCenter have developed a Certified ScrumMaster for Game Development course, combining RCP's game development know-how with ScrumCenter's Scrum expertise.

With a combination of theory and game industry related exercises, you will learn how to:

  • implement Scrum in a game development context
  • create a product backlog that supports the typical workflow needed in game development
  • setup an optimal Scrum team for your game project
  • scale Scrum for large projects

The course will deepen your understanding of the principles and practices of Scrum and provide you with an understanding of the pre-requisites and organisational changes that are necessary to enable Scrum to be successful.

On completion of the course and after taking and passing an online test, you will be awarded the designation “Certified ScrumMaster” and a one year membership of the Scrum Alliance.

The first Certified ScrumMaster for Game Development course will be taught in German and will be held on 28th and 29th October in Munich. Generous earlybird and group discounts are available. More information can be found in the course flyer, which also contains a registration form.

Leuchtfeuer entzünden: Einführung von Scrum bei der Allianz Deutschland AG


An article, co-written by ScrumCenter founders Christoph Mathis and Simon Roberts, describing the Scrum transition at Allianz Deutschland AG, is now available for free download thanks to an agreement with SIGS-DATACOM GmbH.

The article, co-written by Gerhard Hastreiter (Allianz Deutschland AG), Chistoph Mathis (ScrumCenter GmbH) and Simon Roberts (ScrumCenter GmbH), first appeared in the January 2009 edition of ObjektSpektrum and can be found here.

Certified Scrum Product Owner in Solingen


In association with codecentric GmbH, Simon Roberts will be teaching a Certified Scrum Product Owner course (in German) on 2./3.09.2009 in Solingen. This will be presented directly before codecentric's "Meet the Experts: Agilität" event on 4.09.2009 and provides an ideal opportunity to learn more about Scrum's Product Owner role. Why not attend both events - CSPO and Meet the Experts - Agilität and make the most of your trip to Solingen?

For more information and to register, please visit the meet the experts site.

Meet the Experts - Agilität

mtea-container.jpgSimon Roberts will be speaking at codecentric's event "Meet the Experts - Agilität" in Sollingen on 04.09.2009. The innovative "Meet the Experts" series combines talks from invited speakers with an Open Space session.

Simon's talk will be on the topic of "Making Scrum Stick" where he will reflect on some of the factors that are critical in helping transitions to agile methods, particularly in large, traditional organizations, to be sustainable.

Other speakers include Henning Wolf (it-agile GmbH), Andreas Ebbert-Karroum (codecentric GmbH), Boris Gloger and Dietmar Strasser (Borland). We hope that you will be able to join us in Solingen for what promises to be a very interesting day.

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