About ScrumCenter

ScrumCenter is an agile methods consultancy based in Berlin, Germany with clients in the UK, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Every client has different requirements but often our engagement includes looking at the business case for agile, designing and delivering custom training for business and technical staff, coaching and mentoring. With experience of many different types of projects and our deep understanding of what it takes to create highly motivated, high-performance teams, we can help your teams to achieve their potential and produce great results for your business..

The ScrumCenter Team

Simon Roberts Simon Roberts MBA is an experienced Scrum Coach and Certified Scrum Trainer. He has actively applied Scrum since 2002 and lightweight/agile methods since the late 1990s. He specialises in introducing and coaching Scrum in traditional Enterprises, particularly in the financial sector, in the UK and Germany. Having had a career that ranges from hands-on software development to running VC funded companies, he enjoys working with development teams and with managers. Simon has coached and consulted with several companies where enterprise transition Scrum teams have been used to manage the rollout of Scrum for the development of complex products.
Jens Korte Jens Korte is an experienced Agile Coach und ScrumMaster. He has worked since 1996 as a software developer, business analyst and project leader. For the last 5 years he has supported large companies (Investment Banking, Healthcare) during their introduction of agile methods and consulted on their use of Microsoft's Team Foundation Server. His focus is on process optimisation and the learning organisation.
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